Most Awaited Guest

When will the destiny fix our meeting

When I’ll reach the table of my most awaited date ..


When we will have our very first eye contact

When I’ll actually trust the meaning of fate …


I’m sick of pinch-hitters . I’m tired of being second ..

I don’t want any mean eyes around. Come , crossing them all and hold my hand …


I’ve been searching for you . Since I thought love exists ..

I know you are somewhere around. Can’t see you because of the cruel midst …


Don’t you worry, I will not settle for lesser

As no one else can be better ..

For you, I’ll give my best

As baby ! you being my most awaited guest …! *-*


Turning 23

That moment of silent and loneliness

When cold winds hits your curtains ..

Flashback starts

Switching between regret and happiness…


When suddenly you think about yourself

Five years back as someone else..

Someone else narrating your own story

You keep visualizing as she tells…


Growing old is herculean

But if there’s you , to say – She’s Mine!

Trust me, that will be completely fine..

You being my strongest addiction

More enslaving than any drug and wine …


I don’t want to be tucked

Somewhere I can’t be..

Look up, face them, take the control

Turn another chapter, to turning TWENTY THREE …! *-*

A lot can actually happen over a coffe

So True .

Whenever in doubt , grab a coffee . Yes , it’s not a beer .. it’s a coffee .

Why ? Because , coffee keeps you calm along with helping you to behave like you’re awake .

When you are about to meet a person for the very first time . I think “Coffee Date” is what you should look for . I know ! I know ! Beer is the apt solution for two strangers trying to get into each other .

But have you ever lost into someone’s eyes so deep , that you actually feel like you’re drunk ( intoxinating effects of coffee ).

Gift yourself a perfect coffee date . Try it once ! *__*

Trying That EXTRA!

It’s about giving and taking chances . It’s about making making the choice  , whether right or wrong .


If you are not getting back what you are giving , you are  actually wasting your that EXTRA in every sense ( time, love, care) .


Have patience , wait , wait for that one person , who is willing to give you that EXTRA piece of time, love and care. If you can love someone unconditionally , Universe is not that mean .. Obviously there is someone, waiting for your approval to love you .


Unlock Your happiness , try the next door . Your EXTRA is right there !

Static or Dynamic ?

World is round , and so is her life..

People come, they go

What actually she feels , they’ll never know ..


She listen , she understand , she observe

Let them stay , more than what they deserve ..


She care, she share, she connect

And later she realize , how smartly they enact ..


Addled, irked , sometimes depressed

Still she got you , she’s sufficiently blessed ..! *-*

First Mini HeartBreak

Teenage ephemeral( I was 16)

Yesterday we were together , Today we are separate

Maybe it’s early or now it’s too late ..


Days I spent with him , are enough for me to survive

Still waiting for us to revive..


Don’t know  what is wrong, Time or situation

Me or him , or that wasn’t love only attraction ..


If attraction , then why  I can still feel it

Why he’s there , every time .. everywhere ..


Is it only I am demented , or he too can feel something between us

Something that actually exist , or separation is better for us..


Everyone say , I should leave him he’s gone . You too should step forward and move on

I know it’s the only option I’m left with . But that’s the option I never want ..


The girl Who will be with him , will be luckiest girl ever

Wish I could be her, But I know i can never ..


Hope one day we will be together , and that together means forever

Again , An endless path to endeavor .. ! *-*

The “Kadwa Sacch”

Life doesn’t go according to your constantly changing demands, but all you can still do is experience things as at this age you are open to the real world.  What has to happen will happen , what matters is that how you accept its aftereffects. You can’t control it, but you can minimize the damage.

When you become habitual of a thing (person) ,that becomes your weakness, you automatically crave for that thing. But trust me 9 out of 10 things are an eclipse case , temporary . Dewdrop your weakness , get over it , change the game , gain it all over again. You know who have become your baggage, drop them to their suitable garbage address. And travel to what makes you happy.

People have the habit of keep going . They come , They love , They leave ! Learn from them, continue your journey. Don’t cry for same people for same reason all over again. You worked really hard on what you are now, just don’t stop being yourself because of other’s.

Search for the vibe, that brings the best out of you. *-*