ENTREPRENEUR : More than a tag!

It will be easy no one said, it will be worth they said.
Entrepreneur : It is not a tag or a fancy word but something that will extract everything from you. You will put all you’ve got to gain all you’ve dreamed. The desire, the dream, never let that go. Thats the only thing that will fuel you up when no one will trust you.
Have a dream ,and do every possible thing to make it a reality.
Make your own timeline, and don’t compare that with anyone else. Everyone have their own timeline. Achieve slowly , achieve consistently. There should be a never ending greed of achieving. Achieving something that did not allowed you to sleep, that did not allowed you to think of something else.
To achieve something you never had, you have to sacrifice almost everything.
You have no idea how satisfying is the taste of the achievement feels like.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t control if you are not there till the end

Don’t judge if you are not a true friend

Don’t complaint if you are not a good audience

Don’t accuse if you are a master of offence


Speak , if  only your words can cure

Connect, if only your daemons are pure .


Love is in WE !

Love is not about meetings and greetings

It’s about gain, pain and falling again .


Love does not see how wealthy is your wallet

It’s priceless, Isn’t that what you would call it ?


Love is not about the hugs and kisses

It is about sending endless wishes


Love is not you or me

It’s in the composition i.e., WE ! *__*



Can’t Wait To See You

Butterflies inside my head , 24 inches smile covering my face..

Why this charm, Who’s behind this grace ?


Winter winds, Romantic sky.. Still I am warm , don’t know why ?

Maybe it’s the warmth of your love .. All suspicion finally unrove .


Stay with me for a while.. You lovely feeling..

Everything else don’t interrupt , In between the dream I am Living ! *__*

Not every story has a happy ending

He never gave up on her.

She never gave up on him.

How beautiful it would’ve been if it wasn’t a story of three people.

Love has its own way of coming and going . No one can predict its arrival and departure. Every love story is different and special. But love is something that should be unconditional. Most of the time it is unidirectional , in simple terms “one-sided” . It’s not compulsory that the person you love , loves you back. But that should not change your feelings for them. Love them even more , Love them with more passion . Win them with your endless love.

Remember, not every story has a happy ending. But every ending can have a beautiful start . *__*

A lot can actually happen over a coffe

So True .

Whenever in doubt , grab a coffee . Yes , it’s not a beer .. it’s a coffee .

Why ? Because , coffee keeps you calm along with helping you to behave like you’re awake .

When you are about to meet a person for the very first time . I think “Coffee Date” is what you should look for . I know ! I know ! Beer is the apt solution for two strangers trying to get into each other .

But have you ever lost into someone’s eyes so deep , that you actually feel like you’re drunk ( intoxinating effects of coffee ).

Gift yourself a perfect coffee date . Try it once ! *__*

Trying That EXTRA!

It’s about giving and taking chances . It’s about making making the choice  , whether right or wrong .


If you are not getting back what you are giving , you are  actually wasting your that EXTRA in every sense ( time, love, care) .


Have patience , wait , wait for that one person , who is willing to give you that EXTRA piece of time, love and care. If you can love someone unconditionally , Universe is not that mean .. Obviously there is someone, waiting for your approval to love you .


Unlock Your happiness , try the next door . Your EXTRA is right there !